11 Best Freelance Websites

Freelance websites are websites that help those who may be interested in getting some freelance work.  A freelancer is a person who does freelance work as an individual or as part of a company that hires them for projects on a contract basis, rather than hiring them as an employee.  Hence, they can be called professionals working on a project basis.

The web has many such websites where people looking for jobs or employees looking for jobs can find sources to make their life better by making good contacts with each other and finding the right job they might have been seeking all this while. Here are ten best freelance websites you should visit when you want to get your next great career move:

1) Freelancer:    This website is the leading freelance website worldwide.  It has more than 16 million registered users, with 9 million projects posted by customers all over the world.  It is very easy for both employers and freelancers to use it.  The home page of this website has a search bar where you can check out specific categories for jobs if you want to get a job in some particular area or post your own project if you are looking for somebody to work on it.

2) Guru:   Guru also gets about 16 million visitors per month which makes it one of the best freelance websites in the world.  It was founded in 1999 and offers around 76,000 job opportunities at any time making it one of the most visited websites in the world.  It also charges about 8% of the total amount paid for a job by the employer to be its part which it keeps as its commission.

3) Elance :   This website is very good when you are looking for something that will pay you more than average salaries.  Many freelancers who find jobs on this website can earn an average of $1000 per month with the top 20% earning up to dollars 1500 each month.  You can register here free of cost and start using it right away after filling in all your details in the registration form that takes just a few minutes to complete.

4) Freelancer Market: This site ranks high among other freelance websites and gets about 1 million visitors a month.  It is also known as one of the best freelance sites where you can find both employers and freelancers who are looking to make a deal with each other.  The site charges no commission from either side but does take a part of the money paid by an employer once he/she has found a suitable worker for themselves on this website.

5) Getafreelancer: This website is very similar to Freelancer in many ways including design, layout etc., but still ranks among the top three freelance websites in the world thanks to its services which include escrow protection while making transactions between any two parties involved in hiring or getting hired under any agreement, providing chat support 24/7, having dedicated project managers and having an easy to use website interface.  It also has over 16 million visitors every months and the number is growing with each passing day so if you want a job done and need some professional help in your work, this would be the best place for you.

6) Peopleperhour:    This freelance website was started on November 18th 2005 by Xenios Thrasyvoulou who was just 21 years old at that time.  This shows his dedication towards getting such a great site up and running successfully even at such a young age where most of us think about our regular careers instead of going after new opportunities in the markets these days.  The website gets about 1 million visitors per month making it one of the leading freelance websites of the world.  There is a simple registration process that takes just a few minutes and then you can start using it immediately.

7) Envato Studio: This website was started on January 27th 2009 and since then has seen very fast growth to become one of the best freelance sites in this niche.  It gets about 10 million visitors per month which is more than any other popular freelancing website of this niche.  This makes it easy for people looking for jobs or employers looking out for suitable candidates to find what they need on this site.

8) DesignCrowd:    This company was started on December, 2008 and had within a year got thousands of customers all over Australia who were happy with its services.  This made it possible for DesignCrowd to launch its services around the world by opening its office in several other countries like Singapore, Canada and Japan etc., By 2012, the number of customers for this site was more than 75000 all over the world which is why it has made this list of top ten best freelance websites.

9) Peopleperhour:   This one is yet another great website where people can find jobs easily without any hassles.

10) TaskRabbit :    This site ranks tenth among other popular freelance sites but definitely possesses all qualities required to be one of the leading ones if not the best. So these are some freelancer websites that you should check out if you want to get your work done with ease and simplicity.

11) Fiverr:   This site was started as a place where people could sell their services for as less as $5, but it has become so popular that even those looking for such services can find good deals on this website.  The name itself suggests the price range of jobs offered on this site which starts from $5 and goes up to about $100 depending upon the type and nature of the work involved.  It gets 50 million visitors per month making it one of the most popular freelance websites out there.

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