Freelance Writing Rates

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Sometimes getting a free writing job seems like the easiest thing in the world; other times it’s like you can give away your skills for free, but you still can’t get clients. If you’re having trouble getting a freelance writing job — and you’ve sold your ass — here are some suggestions for pricing your … Read more

Freelance Writing Qualities

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Like the two sides of a coin, there are pros and cons to any career an individual chooses. When someone enthusiastically chooses a free-writing job, he should evaluate how good it is for him. When a housewife does freelance writing as a side job, there are several advantages. The housewife does not have to make … Read more

Starting a Freelance Writing Business

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One of the best times to start a freelance writing business is when you are not ready. Moreover, while this may seem like a contradictory statement, it is not the case. Many freelance writers use some or all of the following reasons to put off their free writing dreams. Which is your freelance writer’s dream … Read more

how to rank gig on fiver first page?


I’ve gig on fiverr but my gigs doesn’t rank well in search results. What should I do? How to rank your gig first page on Fiverr? Here are 6 best ways to get your Fiverr Gig ranked first in Google, so that you can get more sales and make more money! 1. Optimize your title, … Read more