Freelance Copywriting

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When it comes to marketing yourself as a freelance writer, it’s important to remember that almost everything related to copywriting is already online! Any copywriter who has worked for over 5 years knows that the new copywriting business in the past has been born of emails, petty advertisements and horrible “unpopular phone calls”. Today, the … Read more

Why Your Website Needs a Professional Freelance Copywriter


Professional freelance writers who write website content may live in Dayton, Ohio, or Dallas, Texas, or even Denver, Colorado, like me. Location says very little. The result means a lot. Because the internet has changed everything in the way we work, market and communicate. Therefore, here are some reasons to consider hiring a professional freelance … Read more

10 Strategies for Start-Up Freelance Graphic Design Professionals

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The internet offers freelance graphic designers the opportunity to find potential clients from almost anywhere, making it easy for them to start, but it also intensifies competition because access is easier. This means that graphic creative designers who want to stand out from the crowd need to be prepared. Below are some guidelines for getting … Read more

Freelance Writing Work

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Most writers know that there is not much money to become a writer; money, if you can successfully develop a freelance writing business, it is freelance writing and ghostwriting. You can do many different freelance writing and ghostwriting jobs. However, to keep your target market focused and strengthen your field, you need to choose one … Read more

Freelance Writing Advice

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Since 1993 I have been a freelance writer, editor and text editor. I have a lot of experience in setting prices for freelance writers and editors. However, I seriously underestimated one recently, which cost me over 50% of the potential profit. It just goes to show that even with experience you can fall into this … Read more

Freelance Writing Advice

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I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I could actually write a book about it. Some mistakes are inevitable, but there are definitely some mistakes you don’t have to make to learn your lesson. Freelance Writer: Have You Ever Made These Mistakes? Here are the four most common … Read more