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Freelance writing has in recent times become a popular career choice for many, especially those who have been laid off from their jobs.  In fact, due to the unstable economy and tough job market, more and more people are opting for this type of work.

This is not surprising since you can get paid handsomely for working from home.  There is also flexibility in terms of your schedule, which allows you to take up part-time jobs even while you are holding down your main job.

Here are some of the most popular freelance writing topics today.   Note that some of them can be classified as online writing jobs, meaning they usually involve writing for websites and blogs.

Freelance writing topics

1. Article writing.  This is among the most popular types of freelance writing jobs today, especially because you can write on any topic and submit them to article directories or other online sites that accept articles/columns for publication.  These are usually keyword-based, so it pays to do your research first before proceeding with your article.

2. Blogging . Some blogging platforms allow website owners to publish freelance blogs written by different people who sign up as contributors.   The pay varies according to blog popularity but many pay $40 per accepted blog post (and 5 contributor posts max per week).

3. Copywriting . This involves writing content for marketing materials such as websites, brochures, advertisements, etc.  You may also be creating content for company reports, email marketing campaigns and other online initiatives.

4. Editing and proofreading . This pays handsomely as it usually requires a fair degree of expertise to spot major and minor errors in documents such as articles, blog posts, manuscripts and the like.

5. Ghostwriting . You’ll get paid to write books or articles that will be published under someone else’s name – either a celebrity or an authority figure in a specific field of interest (such as health care, finance, technology, academics, business, etc.).

6. Rewriting . This is similar to editing but you don’t have to proofread or edit your work; instead you will take completed drafts from other writers and rework them for a different purpose, audience or context.

7. Sales copywriting . This involves writing the content for advertisements, infomercials and direct mailers.  You’ll be expected to use persuasive language that would convince the reader to buy a product or avail of a service being offered.

8. Technical writing . You have to write about complex concepts in science and technology in a way that anyone can understand it – which means you must have an extensive knowledge on the subject matter plus great communication skills (i.e., the ability to explain things clearly).

9. Transcription . This can be a good source of income as it usually pays well and you can work anytime as long as you have a computer with internet connection.  You’ll just have to listen/watch audio or video recordings and transcribe them on paper or into a software program.

10. Travel writing . If you love travelling, then this type of freelance writing job is for you – but note that this requires extensive knowledge about the local culture, history and tourist attractions in the area where the travel piece will be set.

11. Technical writing . You have to write about complex concepts in science and technology in a way that anyone can understand it – which means you must have an extensive knowledge on the subject matter plus great communication skills (i.e., the ability to explain things clearly).

12. Grant writing . If you are good at research and writing, then consider taking up grant writing jobs which can secure steady income for you while allowing you to work from home.   Just make sure that the websites/organizations offering these grants don’t charge any subscription fees because there are many of them that do (and once you pay for it, they will not refund your money even if their site is useless).

13. Medical/Legal transcription . This usually pays much better than general transcription but you have to be careful in choosing companies or sites to work with because some of them are really fraudulent.  They also require extensive training so take time before accepting projects.


14. Book writing . If you are a creative person who can come up with stories, then consider taking on book writing jobs that will allow you to shape people’s lives using the power of print.

15. Business blogging/article writing . Many businesses are now shifting their advertising strategies by investing in digital media which involves creating online content for their websites and other online platforms (i.e., social networking sites, blogs, etc.).  If you have impressive analytical skills and good communication abilities, then this freelance job might be ideal for you.

16. News reporting/blogging . If you are an expert at analyzing world events or topics relevant to your niche interests, then try joining news reporting sites or blogs that offer reporters steady income.

17. Ghost writing . This type of freelance job is often connected with book writing and can pay well depending on which industry you will be writing for (i.e., sports, politics etc.) and how extensive your contribution to the finished piece is.

18. Proofreading . Sometimes editors need help in catching typos and mistakes so if you’re detail-oriented and good at grammar, this might be a good source of income for you; but there are sites that offer proofreading jobs that don’t pay well so make sure to check rates before taking up gigs.

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