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Copywriting needs customers

That’s why you position yourself as a freelance writer. You’ve always imagined yourself as some type of ad copywriter. So, what’s stopping you from becoming a true copywriter for fame as well as fortune?

A clear lesson is: Here’s a lesson that shocks a lot of people who are new to free copywriting: Copywriting needs customers. Convincing clients to use the service of unknown copywriting is difficult enough on its own. If you don’t have a sassy, ​​flexible personality and a real existence that proves you can put together at least one sentence, you might be sad.

Like copywriters, clients come in all shapes and sizes. If they foot the bill, they’ll probably have some surprising flavor too. There are “bitter lemons”, which are always hard to please. There are “scammers” who will always downgrade your product to minimize your costs. And you may also encounter “mint-flavored” clients whose sharpness and criticality are highly adapted, and you’ll wonder why they bother hiring freelance writers in the first place!

But-don’t despair! With more experience, you can at least claim to be an expert – though it must be said that any specimen that doesn’t support his or her claim that he can walk on water will be quickly discovered.

Depending on the copywriting department you enter and the type of expertise you provide, you may receive different responses. In the beginning, it is best to avoid copywriting projects, as these projects require an understanding of the marketing background of the content you are writing. This requires business acumen and experience that an English degree does not, although it is very useful.

Clients who are used to hiring creative copywriters will find you in seconds. Obviously, they don’t expect you to know their business like they do, but naivety is a fatal kiss for freelance writers, especially in the world of owner-managers of small and medium-sized businesses.

Copy offline or copy online?

Before the “ubiquitous Internet” entered the marketing war, sometimes an aspiring copywriter could escape punishment by selling his or her “creativity” – the opposite of a good, solid business sense. The good news is that offline copywriting technology still accounts for a large part of the entire marketing mix. This is not to say that online copywriting does not require high creativity. This is. But in a different way!

The biggest change is that network marketing is a kind of information medium, it started to provide information. In this regard, it is more like PR. Therefore, the type of copywriting required for this copywriting is more like the “speak first, sell later” news style.

There is a subtle difference here, and for copywriters who need to develop a casual yet authoritative style, this requires a more subtle difference. Many clients themselves will not be aware of the changes the internet has brought about in copywriting technology. I won’t know until their website, e-magazine, online article or blog gets blown up.

Still, the internet should be good news for aspiring copywriters. This isn’t just fiddling with on-page search engine optimization (SEO). In many cases, a well-regulated, vibrant freelance writer can meet the needs of many businesses.

In the process of developing keyword-rich content to generate website links, the Internet is a vast number of consumers of text. For example, the demand for informative press releases and newsletters (online and offline) has never been greater. Website content, articles, emails, blogs… For aspiring freelance writers, this world of possibilities is exciting and full of potential. If you want to make your mark, a dollar or two!

There are already “masters” of website writing, especially in the United States, who can claim to rival the legendary status of direct selling copywriting in the past. While nothing is certain, even in the world of freelance writers, clients who are convinced by “Bitter Lemon”, “Liar” and “Mint” will always be preferred by new and experienced copywriters.


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