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Freelance writer sounds like a fascinating profession, doesn’t it?

No boss can answer. There are no offices for commuting five days a week. No soulless cubicle can work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Don’t forget the great feeling of seeing your writing in print – not to mention getting a generous free writer’s salary!

However, if you think you need to graduate from a top journalism school or work for the New York Times for decades to earn a point as a freelance writer, sit down because you’re sure to fall in love with the next part.

As I tell you, you don’t need to be a published writer to learn how to make money writing – in fact, you just need to know how to string together a sentence to start your freelance writing career?

It’s true… I’ll show you the first three steps necessary to realize your dream of free writing!

Forget the traditional writing.

Do you think the main gain from free writing comes from magazines and newspapers? Think again: The online world has completely changed the way freelance writers make money and write. Some of the most profitable free writing projects include writing articles, web content, and e-books for entrepreneurs and businesses – each project can cost thousands of dollars! Therefore, do not waste your time on standardization projects of traditional publishing media, because in the wonderful world of online free writing you can make real money!

No wallet? no problem!

Not letting a portfolio full of published articles stop you from learning how to make money writing is a classic example of thinking in a box — I’ll tell you why.

Think about how art, architecture and film students get their first paid gig. They don’t wait for paid work before handing in work to potential clients. Instead, they used previous projects that showcased their talents to attract high-paying clients…

…This is exactly what you need to do to make money writing! Most online customers don’t care if you’re published – they just want to make sure you have writing items so you can finish the show smoothly and on time. So give yourself some homework and write a few 500-word articles on the subject that customers spend a lot of money on.

Start thinking like a salesperson.

Wait a minute, maybe you’re thinking of yourself. I think this is about making money with my writing – not Sales Marketing 101!

Sure, once you start your freelance writing career, most of your time will be spent freelance writing… but have you ever thought about how you would convince potential clients why you’re the right person for work? It takes more than an excellent writing sample: it involves a very tempting offer on a perfect project, and potential customers instantly become loyal customers for life.

So if you’re ready to learn how to put these steps into action – and make money writing! – Then go to, where you can find free insider tips, tips and strategies from other freelance writers!


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