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Free writing is an ideal home internet business to start. However, one thing that bothers beginners is how to pay, such as blog posts and web articles. This can be a challenge because the free writing rate is everywhere. And, believe it or not, you can lose your free writing job due to insufficient compensation.


A potential customer sent me the following information via email:

Your educational experience is impressive. But the website refers to “stable writers”, and in terms of [paid] original content, should I ask which third world country/region are you getting these writers from? Of course people like you (if you’re not [sic] fictional) become master candidates in expensive New York City and need higher rates to survive. So how does this actually work?


You see, when you set the free write rate too low, potential customers will automatically think you are uneducated and/or inexperienced. They confuse you with a lot of cheap and inexperienced writers on the internet.
More than once I found myself having to defend my free writing speed (really!) – until I improved them.

Set your free writing speed: 3 reasons the higher the better

I. Brand: If you produce content for a company, they will care about their brand. So for them it’s like any other business expense – and they don’t mind paying a decent fee for it.

2. Become a team member: Companies often want to work with people who can be added to the “team”. This means they want someone who is not only experienced but also reliable.

If you set the free writing speed too low, they are afraid that the quality does not meet the requirements. Therefore, they may need to take the time to correct it. In business, time is money – and most companies don’t want to deal with people they don’t think will do well. Therefore, they are more likely to hire more expensive freelance writers as they associate price with value.

You understand?

3. Attract high-quality customers: Setting the free writing speed higher will attract higher-quality customers. Cheap customers won’t even approach you (if you advertise your prices on your website) because they know from the start that they can’t afford you.

Tips to increase the speed of free writing – and the key to more work

I’ve been a freelancer since 1993 and one thing I’ve learned is that most people have to work hard to increase their fees. I know I did it. However, one thing that puts me at ease in raising rates is evaluating my skills.

Assess your skills: Ask yourself if you have experience in the area you want to specialize in.

As a freelancer, I always recommend “niche”. If you do this, you will find that you can easily ask for more because you can sell this experience/value to your customers.

For example, I have a real estate background. In my past career I have worked as a real estate agent and mortgage advisor, so I can write with deep understanding of these areas. This makes it easier to get a writing job.

I hope the suggestions here are instructive for setting a free writing rate that you are happy with, as it can be half of getting a writing job.

About the author: Yuwanda Black is responsible for SEO writing company New Media Words ( She is the author of more than 50 e-books (mainly free writing), including “How to Set Free Writing Rates for Online Writing Work: The Authoritative Guide to Setting (and Obtaining) the Rate You Deserve” (in the Hyperlinks article above) ). This eBook outlines an easy and reliable way to price online writing jobs so you don’t risk being under or overcharged. It is suitable for setting free writing speed for blog work, SEO article writing, web content writing, etc.


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