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Most writers know that there is not much money to become a writer; money, if you can successfully develop a freelance writing business, it is freelance writing and ghostwriting.

You can do many different freelance writing and ghostwriting jobs. However, to keep your target market focused and strengthen your field, you need to choose one or two specific types of writing. By offering too many different services, you weaken your platform and your authority.

It should be mentioned that you can also learn the ropes of writing and set up a copywriting business, or simply use the techniques to improve your own writing. But for now, we’ll stick to freelance, including ghostwriting, although some opportunities require some basic copywriting skills.

Freelance writing assignments you can choose from:

• Magazine freelancer
• Writing for book publishers that accept freelance writers (you must inquire about the position)
• News reporter
• Feature writers for newspapers or magazines
• Get work from the working committee
• Editing and/or proofreading the work of other authors
• Criticize the work of other writers
• Write a speech
• Writing content for the website
• Write newsletter content
• Writing articles and blog posts
• Write a white paper or report
• Write a book, e-book or brochure
• Continue writing
• Write product descriptions or manuals
• Write a presentation
• Technical writing
• Educational writing
• Learn to write
• Writing research
• Legal writing

This list continues.

In addition to the special skills required for copywriting, all written content requires a writer. In addition, it is possible that someone is looking for a freelance writing job somewhere. It’s about finding a job and attracting customers.

The most important thing is to make your freelance writing business visible. I was approached by someone who wrote a six to ten page report as part of the application requirements. He is very busy on weekends and has no time to do it himself. He found me through a Google search using “ghostwriter” as the keyword. I don’t do rush work, so I have to decline.

This is another aspect of this type of business that you may need to consider; there are some companies that can offer very fast turnaround times. People pay more for quick turnover.

Another point to note is that when someone contacts you for work you can’t do it for whatever reason, please try to help in some way; leave a deep impression. I gave the “job seeker” some tips to find a qualified freelance writer and told him to call me if he needed help.

So you can see that if you do information marketing and build a high quality business there, it will definitely help you find clients and get free writing jobs.


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