How To Find Work As A New Freelancer

So you decide to become a freelancer, but you need to know where to find a job. Finding a job depends on whether you can work online. In my opinion, anything you can do on a computer is much easier than doing it yourself. But this is just me. Nevertheless, some jobs require finding contracts, both locally and offline. These could be entertainers in any form, or they could be masseurs, carpenters, construction workers, childcare workers, or anything else that provides physical services. Here are some tips to promote yourself and find a job when you first start out.

· Word of mouth: Word of mouth is always the best. Before TV commercials, you always rely on your friends’ recommendations. So tell your friends and family that you are a freelancer and let them advertise.

· Social Networking: This is different from word of mouth, because in a way you can interact with people outside of Facebook that you’ve never talked to before. In any case, it is effective. I know a high school student who posted her photos and special programs on her personal Facebook and made money from it. So don’t be afraid to publish it.

Flyers: The ads on the phone booths and the ads in the local supermarket may seem cliché, but they are effective. How many times have you stopped looking at that billboard because of boredom? How many people walk across that sign every day? It is free and simple advertising, and it will not be lower than you, so please use it.

Finding a job: Don’t be afraid to email the company asking for a job. For example, if you are a writer, you can email local newspapers and magazines to let them know that you are available. Sometimes their work overflows. If you are mowing your lawn, contact your local business to let them know you are new and now available. If you’re a clown, call your local entertainment company to let them know you need extra work. There should be no clowns. And offer help to these companies. They will pass on excess work to you just because they don’t have the time, but still want to provide excellent customer satisfaction because you sent some recommendations this way.

In my opinion, working online is in any case much easier. Personally, I prefer to work in my pajamas and my coffee. Yet online competition is much fiercer than local competition. Your competitors are other parts of the world, not your province. Still, finding a job is not a bad thing. Here are some places where you can offer work for multiple lines of work. These are also the three I use.

· I’ll start here, this is the website where I’m looking for extra work. It’s crowded and the competition is fierce, but in my opinion the system is better set up than any other freelance website.

· Odesk: Odesk is an hourly freelance job. This means that you are paid for the time you work on the project and not for the contract. But it is still very reliable to use.

· This website is located in the UK, so US citizens should exercise caution. You must have a bank account that allows international transfers. That said, we Americans have the ability to make more money here. Again, it is reliable.

There are many more freelance websites. In fact, I’ve found thousands of them. Some only target a very specific niche market. Others are very extensive. Before accepting a job, read and thoroughly browse the countless reviews on each site. There’s nothing worse than being ruined by work.

I recommend staying away from It’s a bigger website like Elance, but there’s a lot of bad work. doesn’t keep a close eye on itself. Please don’t confuse That’s another website.


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