How to Start Your Own Article Writing Service

There are no secrets in the article writing industry – it costs nothing to get started and it’s easy to make money. One of the toughest challenges writers face today is that the market is already overcrowded. However, experienced writers understand that mature markets are often the most profitable. And as the demand for writing services continues to increase with the development of the internet, by knowing how to start your own article writing service, you can take advantage of writing opportunities while developing your own successful business.

1.) Become an excellent writer

No assumptions in the beginning. Too many people think they are writers because they can write decent emails or because they wrote a poem in high school. Don’t just think you can write it – know it. Test yourself by showing your work to an experienced editor or writer and asking for honest feedback, even if you have to pay for the service. Submit some articles to online directories or your own blog, and encourage people to comment and participate.

If you believe that you have real talents, you can easily build a career as a writer. However, if you generate mediocre junk, don’t waste your time. Competition for writing junk on the internet is fierce and offshore “writers” will easily cut your prices. Some offer 500 word articles for just a dollar or two. This means that if your job isn’t particularly good, you may not have a chance to build a successful article writing business.

2.) Start Freelancing

If you really know how to write and you have a computer and internet, you can start making money writing today. Elance, Odesk, iFreelance, Guru and many other sites make this possible by bringing buyers and suppliers together to write projects and hundreds of other types of work. All you need to do is create a profile and start bidding. Most of these sites offer free accounts, but the fee is deducted from the income you earn on the site.

You can also start freelancing locally or even nationally by contacting the editors of publications and media directly. One of the most effective methods is to sell a well-written article to relevant publishers and ask for inclusion. Many freelance writers can earn a decent living this way.

Contact information for editors and others in the media can be obtained by calling or visiting the website of the publication you are considering, or you can pay for a custom list of media contacts created for you.

3.) Use your skills for your own benefit

Most customers will use your work to provide content, and the ultimate goal is to drive more visitors to a particular website. You can do this for yourself. Create a website – there are many free resources to do this. Then fill it with content web pages, articles, blog posts, etc. Create one set of content for your website and distribute the other set of content to article directories, blogs, document sharing sites, RSS feeds, etc. This will take hundreds or even creating thousands of backlinks for your website, which can increase the number of visitors to your page and ultimately generate new customers.

After you’ve been free to write for a while, you’ll soon discover that customers are using your content to get rich. Why not use the same principles to make yourself rich?

4.) Don’t work on your business, work on your business

Ultimately, senior writers usually take on the role of editor, especially if they intend to take their article writing business to the next level. By hiring experienced writers and managing their work, the conversion from experienced writers to editor-in-chief can quickly and significantly increase their income while reducing the total number of working hours per week.

Starting your own article writing service is a very realistic possibility, and you can get started quickly with one method: Go to Elance and create a profile. Bid on a simple job. Start your new career now.


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