Leveraging Freelance Websites

The word “freelancing” and its derivations and synonyms (e.g., freelancer, freelance , free-lance ) first appeared in the United Kingdom publication “Notes and Queries” in 1852.

The idea of a person working as an independent contractor rather than as an employee was not new even then; however, the recent surge of people willing to work as freelancers has touched almost every industry worldwide. Whether it is because companies want to reduce their overhead costs or because individuals prefer doing what they choose to do without being tied down by employment contracts for indefinite periods of time, freelancing is gaining global popularity.

Although many people start freelancing after quitting their day jobs and following their dreams, others do so to gain work experience before they get employed. Others still are unable to find decent jobs in their fields of specialization, so they go the freelance route instead.

However, because freelancing has become so popular in recent years, competition is also high for those looking for work. This may be discouraging at first, but there are ways to narrow your search and maximize your chances of finding a project offer that suites you perfectly. Use these three online resources to get started:

1) Odesk.com  –

This website is not only limited to developers; it allows freelancers from different industries to seek employment or projects online. You need to set up an account with them first, then create a profile that showcases your previous work experience and services you provide.

2) Elance.com  –

Another online freelancing hub, Elance is currently host to a large number of job seekers and employers from different fields. You can apply for a particular project if you find one that suits your skills or expertise, or post your own credentials and wait until an employer approaches you with a specific offer.

3) Craigslist.org  –

This website offers more than just help wanted advertisements; it’s also used as a free classifieds site where many people sell items they no longer need or want. In short, this is the place to go if you’re looking for something specific at very affordable prices (or even free).

Thanks to the Internet and freelance websites, finding and hiring a freelancer is now much easier than it used to be. The next time you need some help with your projects, don’t be afraid to explore these resources for leads!

About Author: This article was written by Tanya Zavasta , an expert on free classifieds sites . For more useful information about freelancing visit Open Culture website . Photo courtesy of Pexels.com  & Freepik.com .

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