Quickest Ways to Get Freelance Writing Jobs

Have you ever wanted to be a freelance writer?

Have you thought about getting into paid writing but didn’t know where to start?

If you’ve been thinking of going out on your own, becoming a full-time freelancer, and paying the bills with your words, this article is for you.

What does a freelance writer do exactly?   A brief description is that they write for various types of media outlets such as online news sites or magazines. They can also write press releases, website content for businesses, ghostwrite books and more. Although being a travel writer seems glamorous from the outside looking in, it’s just another form of writing as well as one that’s very competitive as well.   In short if there is an area of journalism, there’s a good chance that there is demand for freelance writers.

The first thing you should know if you want to become a part of this profession is that it isn’t easy to break into and it takes time and perseverance. The second thing is that it’s not all interviews with major media outlets and hanging out with celebrities – the glamour and glitz of being a full-time freelancer can wear off pretty quickly.  For this reason this article was created to help those who are considering becoming professional writers as well as those who are already writing but would like to make more money doing so by getting paid writing jobs.

As previously mentioned, as a freelance writer you will be writing for different types of publications (online and offline). However, some online publications will pay you if they like your work while others will not.

So what makes a good freelance writing job?   First of all, you need to get familiar with different types of media outlets and how each one operates. Secondly, try to get your name out there so that you become recognized as an expert in your field. Finally, once you’ve done this and have received requests of employment from several clients then the next step is to work hard on each piece of writing that you do since it’s important that each client feels they’re getting value for money and more importantly quality writings.

There are many ways for a professional writer to earn money which include:   working at home (be it part-time or full-time), freelancing through a company, signing up with a writing agency and so on. In terms of choosing the right place to work, you need to know how much you’ll be earning as well as whether there is potential for growth within the company.   It’s also important that you have regular contact with other successful writers, consultants etc because this will motivate and inspire you.

In addition it’s vital that your clients pay quickly – if one client is making payment late then it might take a while for other clients to also provide payments in a timely manner. So before joining any freelance organization make sure that they’re aware of their responsibilities when working with others as well as experienced enough to help you succeed as well as grow your writing career.

Here are the different types of freelance writing jobs you will come across:

1) Writing for newspapers or magazines (online or offline) – this is one of the most popular ways to make money as a writer. If you’re good at research and can craft compelling articles which inform, educate and entertain readers then this might be for you. Generally speaking if someone wants to become a full-time writer they should start by getting their work published online since these publications pay less than offline ones; however there is more exposure with them as well. Also, print media outlets tend to require writers who have extensive writing samples on hand whereas online ones want writers who can turn around essays fast due to massive competition online. Some websites that offer free writing jobs include:

2) Copywriting – this is a lucrative area if you get it right. With copywriting, your main aim is to attract the reader’s attention and persuade them to take an action which might be buying a product or service from a company. In addition, the more creative you are with copywriting the better since there are no set rules when it comes to writing in this field and each piece of text will look different based on what you’re trying to achieve and who your target market is. To become good at this type of writing, read up about marketing trends as well as how people interact online with search engines etc. You can find out all about copywriting by reading books such as 21 Days to Finding Unlimited Freelance Jobs by Mari Anne Vanella.

3) Writing sales letters – this is similar to copywriting but not exactly the same. The main role of a sales letter is to persuade customers that buying a product or service from you will be beneficial for them and help solve their problems. When it comes to writing sales letters, ignore all rules that you previously learned about writing since they do not apply here. However, there are different types of sales letters out there including:

– Thank you letters

– Follow up letters

– First time offers for customers on your website

4) Editing and proofreading – these are essential jobs for writers who want to make money online or offline. If you have excellent command over the English language as well as grammar then this is a job that will come naturally to you. Also, many companies need someone who can make their materials look professional which means having another pair of eyes go through everything looking for errors makes perfect sense. As with most types of freelance writing jobs, there are different rates out there depending on what type of documents need editing/proofreading (e.g. websites content, manuscripts etc).   A good way to find work in this area is by starting your own freelance editing business.

5) Writing resumes – companies and individuals out there need people who can write outstanding resumes which will tell a potential employer all about someone’s experiences, skills as well as qualifications. However, you have to be careful when crafting a resume since going overboard with information could hurt your chances of getting the job you want instead of helping it . In addition, most writers charge less for writing resumes compared to other types of academic essays.

6) Technical writing – this is one area where rules apply so if you’re not used to being told what to do then technical writing might not suit you. Generally speaking technical writing (also known as scientific/technical/professional writing) aims at educating readers on how certain technologies work and how they can help them in their lives. However, you do not necessarily have to be an expert in the field that you’re writing on since you need to research everything first before putting it into words for readers. Here are some examples of types of documents that people edit/write:

– User guides

– Instruction manuals

– Brochures

– Newsletters

7) Novels – some professional writers pen novels either as a hobby or full time activity. There are different ways to go about this type of publishing with ebooks being one option for aspiring authors out there. To get started with fiction publishing, read books on digital publishing and learn more about selling your books online through Amazon EBooks, Lulu , Barnes & Noble etc.

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