Starting a Freelance Writing Career

I have been a freelance writer since 1993 and have published a blog about free writing. One of the most frequently asked questions is some variations on “How do I get started as a freelance writer?” This question is based on fear. Why do I have to say this?

Because there is plenty of information to explain how to start a freelance writing business for people who are really ready. However, if you’re scared, asking such questions will make you feel like you’re doing something by taking advice from so-called experts.

Become a Freelance Writer: Fears and Solutions

Here are the three most common fears I’ve observed in many people looking to start a freelance writing business over the years — and some insights on how to overcome them.

1) I have no/sufficient experience: When I first started freelancing a few years ago, experience was more important than it is now.

Online freelance writing is the opportunity

Online writing fields, such as search engine optimization writing (i.e. SEO writing), blogging and social media writing no longer make experience a factor. In addition, as content marketing is all the rage, the demand for continuous content has also grown by leaps and bounds. Prove?

According to the Industry Report of the Custom Content Committee and ContentWise in April 2013, “Characteristic Research: The Quantity and Type of Content Marketing in the United States in 2013,” “spending on the production and distribution of custom content increased to US$43 .9 billion, the second highest amount to be recorded.
[And] Of the average total marketing, advertising and communications budget, 39% of the money is spent on content marketing. ”
This means that the opportunities for freelance writing are more abundant than ever before, as much of this type of content is produced by freelancers.

How to solve the “inexperienced” problem: Proof that you can write. This can be done by:

(i) Write examples: they are not necessarily aimed at real customers; write them as if you were writing them for clients. Then post them on your free writing blog/website, which brings us to the next point.

(ii) Blog/Website: Create a free blog/website that you can continue to update professionally.

2) Can I make enough money to survive: This varies from person to person, so sit down and budget. Remember that as a freelancer you are responsible for paying your own taxes. You also have other costs, such as health insurance, which can now be borne by your employer.

How to solve the financing problem: Before you start working as a full-time freelancer on your own, I suggest that all freelancers save as much as possible from six months to a year. This way you can provide yourself with enough cushion to survive the start-up period.

In addition, start a part-time freelance job while you still have a full-time job. In this way, it can be said that when you quit a full-time freelancer, you can get started.

3) How do I know how to charge: There is a lot of confusing and conflicting information about how much freelance writers charge. So just know this to get in.

For reference only, when researching free writing fees, you should compare Apple to Apple, that is, to study other people’s fees – in the niche you want to specialize in.

How to solve the “freelancer writing speed” problem: The way I did this in the beginning was to figure out how much money I need to make to stay alive. Then I adjust my rate accordingly. As you gain experience, you can adjust the rate at any time.

Starting a Freelance Writing Business: Conclusion

Most importantly, if there’s one topic online, it’s how to start a freelance writing career. While it’s not easy, it’s easier than many other companies because if you have a computer and an internet connection, you can get started right away.


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