Wanna Be A Freelance Graphic Designer?

Things to Consider Before Deciding to Become a Freelance Graphic Designer

– workplace

First, you need a workplace to work efficiently. If you work from home, a separate room would be nice to avoid other family activities. It is enough to have a computer room. If you have more space for any supporting activities, such as writing, painting, printing, setting up the final artwork (simulation), it is even better, because as a professional As a freelancer, you can do all the work that needs to be done by more than one person. Keep your phone or fax machine near you so you don’t have to get up to make or receive calls. It’s even nicer if you have a filling cabinet to store all your documents.

-You are the company (…the company is you)

As a freelancer you are not only responsible for your creative work, but also for marketing, presentations, presentations, accounting and filling systems. You are also responsible for all phone calls, appointments and handling any complaints. Becoming a freelance graphic designer is not just about creativity and design, it also requires a strong commitment and great responsibility.

-It takes a lot of patience

All the above activities require a lot of patience. This often happens when you are designing and need a good mood, and at the same time have to answer calls from customers complaining about your recent work (poor service, poor quality, etc.). Not to mention the technical issues that occurred in bad times such as computer problems, printer failure, paper out, almost out of ink, etc. These issues will hinder your ongoing project and you should inform your customers about the delay.

-Become a professional

As a freelancer you have to be professional. You may feel pressure on the ongoing project, but at the same time you need to present it to the client. In this case, you have to be able to get rid of the pressure in your head and leave it at home, otherwise you have to focus on your speech. Don’t let your questions ruin your speech. Keep your performance at the highest level and don’t forget… As a freelance graphic designer [http://anarddesign.com] you are not only an artist, but also a businessman! Your performance affects the way customers evaluate yourself and the way you run your business.

-Be Organized

To run a business on your own, you need to be a ‘well organized person’. Carefully organize the filing system on your computer, the filing system of paperwork, the graphics tools, preparing presentations, etc.

-Support facilities

If you have phone, fax and email and a fast internet connection, that’s best. Set up your email program to receive all emails automatically for at least 15-30 minutes so you don’t miss any important emails.


The key to success as a freelancer is discipline. Trust me… this is not an easy task, because you have to discipline yourself! No one will warn you except yourself! In this case, discipline includes:

A kind of. Watch the time Although you work from home, you have to work during office hours. You can’t get up late and start work at 10-11. What happens if your client tries to reach you at 9 am while you are still asleep? ! In this case, your customers (at least) don’t care about your situation. He has the right to call you during office hours, on the contrary, you are responsible for serving them during this time.

Use your money to discipline yourself, as a freelancer you have the right to own all the profits you get! However, paying yourself through salary would be a wise move. This way you save a few euros every month, because who knows, you might not find a job in the future… This happens if you don’t have a strong or large market.

C. Self-discipline with your own decisions, becoming a freelancer is not an easy task! It requires that you have respect for and consistently make a firm commitment. Before you decide to become a freelancer, you better think twice (or more) because once you get into this industry as a freelancer, you are risking your life and credibility!


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