Why Your Website Needs a Professional Freelance Copywriter

Professional freelance writers who write website content may live in Dayton, Ohio, or Dallas, Texas, or even Denver, Colorado, like me. Location says very little. The result means a lot. Because the internet has changed everything in the way we work, market and communicate. Therefore, here are some reasons to consider hiring a professional freelance writer to write content for your website. Even Dayton… I mean, a dating site.

Freelance Web Copywriters Deliver Website Content Fast

You may be a good writer, but a professional freelance writer is better. He should. This is what he does every day. Do not worry. In your field, it will not match your skills. So look at it this way: as a copywriter you are much better than him… whatever you do. But this is the best part. He is also faster. Much faster. In fact, freelance writers will cut the time it takes to create a beautiful website copy from weeks to days.

The first complaint from all the website developers/designers I work with is the same: clients who insist on writing their own copy of the website… forever. So the website is idle…a pointless acceleration in the hanging cyberspace…it’s not good for the end customer, nor for the website developer, because he can’t complete it and send the invoice.

Freelance website writers make it easy for anyone to complete the process

The website developer/designer not only has to wait forever to receive the copy, but also has to catch up with the client to get the copy. This will waste his time and make the customer angry. Freelance web copywriters ease this unpleasant task for web developers/designers. Freelance writers collect information through phone interviews with clients, making it easier for clients.

Most customers can easily express their business in words. Experienced freelance web copywriters can work from scratch and collect this information by talking to the client’s phone for 15 to 30 minutes. In my office in Dayton, Ohio I recorded these interviews, these interviews were really just natural conversations. I then use a transcriber to feed the conversation into the text and from there I start putting together a compelling copy of the website.

Freelance web copywriter makes SEO copy

Add your website to millions of other websites (including your competitors), and overcrowded web space is only part of the business equation. The other is to make sure it can be found in Google Search. It involves programming functions described by website developers/designers in the form of page titles and meta tags. This is a complete art and science. But it also includes strategically including important keywords in your website content so that search engine spiders can crawl them.

Freelance web copywriters know how to include keywords in the copy with an appropriate level of keyword density to make it smooth and effective. He understands that if your business is located in Dayton, Ohio, or Dayton, Kentucky, or Dayton, Tennessee, and you want people in your specific Dayton area to find your website in search engine results, he needs to make sure Dayton is mentioned in your content – whether Dallas, Denver, etc. Of course, if you don’t do too much, it increases the challenge. The freelance writer knows he has to write text that will attract search engine spiders, and not shut down the people who read it.

Freelance website writers write compelling content

Internet surfers are fickle. They open and close quickly on your website. If you don’t put them on quickly, they can disappear after clicking and never come back. Freelance web copywriters entice them in a way to convince them to join, call or email, or even make a purchase. So a good copy is not enough. It must be convincing. Professional freelance web copywriters know this intuitively. The copy of the website that led to its closure is part of its DNA. He ensures that your copy of the website is attractive and focuses on getting a response. Then it’s up to you.


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